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DRS.01: Durian Runtuh -Online$Factory!

Welcome to Kalatu. This is your first post at " Durian Runtuh - Online$Factory!
"DURIAN RUNTUH" ???  - Online$Factory! ???

Yes, "WindFall-Money" that is the Meaning of "Durian-Runtuh" in Indonesia or Malays Proverb!
Durian is King of fruit has five "Flavours" - Sweet; Bitter; Alcohol; Flower; and Numb!  Even the sixth smell like smoky can be possible
WHAT is the issue?
The real items really matter are people involved in Online Internet; Affiliate Marketing; Network Marketing or E-Commerce for years not making much Online Money.
Mostly people feel scammed; ponzied; even schemed???
WHY is almost 97% people jumped into the wagoon dropped out "Broke"?
Less then 3% survived; 2% thrived but hardly 1% succeed; perhaps mostly "Faked; Hoaxed or even Pretend" Success??
HOW come millions got caught???
And Millions are still jumping into a bottomless pit?
Nobody seem to be able to prove all these are "ConCrookCheatology"???
Since, 2011, after leaving the Public List Company; I decided to venture into Online Internet Industry.
I love to do something with passion and working from home...after 55 lol!
After attended a course on 27th August, 2012; I began my quest for "TrutHonestSinceritology" Online!
It been five years; I have invested more then 25,000 hours; 18 hours daily Learning; Implementing; Teaching; Earning very little Cash but a lot of Knowledge; Attitude; Skill-Set and Habit to keep on moving forward!
Certainly, I recognized that I have made million a Newbies???
WHERE have I gone wrong???
Mentors or Mistakes must be overcome by Money!
I wish to be hand on; gone through the "Complete" Experience of Phases like 1.grind; 2. Producer; 3. Builder; 4. Influence etc.
Being Frugal; trying to resolve every situation personally....!
WHICH Online Affiliate Marketing System have I joined??
WHO has been my Mentor?
David Wood.
Look, the founder of EMPOWER NETWORK eating Durian fruits in Singapore

WHOSE problems must the blame be fingers pointing to???
Nobody, We must take up the challenge until victory; we burnt our bridges; never give up but live to succeed!
WHOM shall resolve the Obstacles; Problems; Crisis; Difficulties and Failures???
I, founder of Durian Runtuh - Online$Factory must be accountable; responsible and succeed in this undertaking... PERIOD!
Durian Runtuh - Online$Factory comprised of five Sections:
1. "Done For YOU" - "Done4U" we call it - "saqama" D4U department;
2. "Work For YOU" - "Work4U" we call it - "seqeme" W4U department;
3. "Promo For YOU" - "Promo4U" we call it - "siqimi" P4U department;
4. "Tool For YOU" - "Tool4U" we call it - "soqomo" T4U department;
5. "Manage For You" - "Manage4U" we call it - "suqumu" M4U department;
Unless and Until; people may have any "SYSTEM" without daily driving of these "DWPTM4U" Administrative Process and Procedures 24/7/365 nothing work; least expect any result for Cash to fly into anybody pocket???
Durian Runtuh-Online$Factory   is the Online "Concord" that fly Online Money into Your Bank!
How come David Wood Succeed???
EmpowerPedia....  From a nobody; penniless; and homeless, he built the most productive and profitable Online Marketing Educational Programs in the space..  This Online Affiliate Marketing entity having paid $200 Millions to 15 Millionaires and 175,000 people across 206 Countries.  Since, 30.10.2011; he invested almost $10 Millions to set up the "Largest" Kalatu Viral Blogging Platform in the world.  He is a pioneer frontier innovator; experimenting and riding forwards...being leader in the Industry.  
Ever since 12.12.2012; David found me and I committed to EMPOWER NETWORK!
As a newbies at 55; I had single mindedly produced  1,050 blogs with 44,700/- hours working 18 hours daily enjoying: seeking the passion of sharing and caring for "humanity".   Blogging distressed in my heart... from depression..;towards Immortality!
My vision is to be a Million Dollars Diamond Ring Winner by 12.12.2017.  I shall be attending every Event in American to receive my "Award" and thereafter!   

David Wood's True Story

Boot You Day -1;

Boot You -Day-2

Boot You-Day-3:

Boot You-Day-4:

Boot You Day 5:

BootCamp Day  6:

BootCamp Day 7:

Boot You-Day-5:

Boot You-Day-8:

Boot You-Day-9:

Boot You-Day-10

Boot You-Day-11:

Boot You-Day-12

Boot YOU by David Wood and David Sharpe!
Dave's BootCamp YOU!  Dave Teaches Well..... but untidy yet Sexy!

Dave's Daddy and Mummy's Missionary to South Afrika!

Dave living in Costa Rica full of Crocodile....

Dave Got BMW from MLSP!

Dave... Gift the Gaps.... he sure got a bloody Mouth....he loves Numis Network!

Dave... Natural Leader....people listen! MyLead System Pro!

A Shout for founder of MOBE... Matt Loyd!

What other bragged about Dave Wood!

At 27; Shaqir Hussein... earned Millions in Five Affiliate Systems!

"ConCrookCheatologist" hiden within him; rather this "Dude" is leaning on "TrutHonestSinceritological" as Much?
Dave was emotional, easily cornered by others... being "ConCrookCheated" by many!

Dave shared unselfishly.... giving "Values" away to solve Industry Problems and Crisis!

Dave mastered the Art and Science of managing his Conscious and Sub-Conscious creation in Training!

David Wood founded Empower Network with David Sharpe..... !!!

Dave-Dave: Survy... were short cut!

Dave Sharpe is a great Speaker....but Self Anger and Illness against his Dad and Mum separation!

How come DW and DS... parted???  ENV2:  BlogBeast almost killed Empower with its own Website outside Wordpress!

Dave was going thru Tribulation???  Good Bye to his love one!

Empower almost sunk???  Needed new direction....

Jonathan saved the Days!   Kalatu Viral Bllogging System!  Getting  B ack to Wordpress!

Dave became a Daddy!

Empower has to Filter its blood by Re-Organization... Uniline Compensation!

Project Titan:  William Wood.... Magical Max Performance!

The Miracle of 15th September 2010: So shall 15th September, 2016!
The Daily Total ShortCut: Done For You: The Preliminary of "Durian Runtuh -Online4Factory!
(50 Video Series)
The Total Daily ShortCut System - Online Money
E1.  - Resolve to Discover Your God Given Purpose; 
E2. - Resolved Choose Character Over Reputation;
E3. -  Resolved Positive Expectancy;
E4. - Resolved Plan; Do; Check; adjust;
E5. - Open the Door to Success;
E6. - Resolved Develop Art and Science of Friendship;
E7. -  Resolved Develop Financial Intelligence;
E7.5. -  The Financial Intelligence;
E8 - Develop Art and Science of Leadership;
E9. -  Conflict Resolution;
E10. - Systems Thinking;
E11.  -  Develop Adversity Quotient;
E12.  -Reverse The Decline of Mastery;
E13. -  Influence |Through Commitment and Consistency;
E14. - Life is Mirror;
E15. - Social Proof Creates Unconscious decision responses; 
E16. - Perpetual Contrast and Power of Reciprocation;
E17.  - Create Authority in Online Marketing;
E18.  - Scarcity and the Herd;
E19. - Cycle of Achievement;
E20. -  Cultivate The Garden of Success;
E21. -  Reprogramming Your Internal Guidance System;
E22. -  Battle of The Conscious Minds;
E23. - Create Quantum Leaps in Your Business;
E24. -  One Thing You Must Do;
E25. - Simple Methods To Increase Income;
E26.  - Three Level of Motivation;
E27. -  Break The Chains of False Belief;
E28. -  Unleashing the Leader within
E29. -  Principles To Creating A Clear Strategy;
E30. - 90% of Your Success!
E31.  -  Manage Your Energy All Day;


Collection of People's Review - Shame; Scam; and Scheme???  Interviews!
Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow of David Wood!
Look at his "Yesterday?"  Click herein!
Perhaps, take a good look at his "Today?"  Click herein!
Unlikely, people will believe his "Tomorrow"  Click herein!
In 2002 til 2009; nobody would dare to amount this lad to anything great!
However, after 2006 an Online explosion sparked off with his first earning of $5/- after grinding days and nites for months.
It was in 2009; he top Numis Network and My Lead System Pro making an average Income of $30K per month.
He fulfilled his dream shifted to reside in "Costa Rica"!
Officially, 15th Sept. 2011: Empower Network was corporately formed;
On the 30th October, 2011; with less then 37 persons in a "Hotel" - The first ever Event was help to initial its business to the world.
Today, on the "Fifth Anniversary"
David Wood has made some scratch across the Online Industry; nobody dare to claim above him:
"  a nobody became somebody!
a Zero Online now a Hero in the Internet!
He found a Viral Blogging Platform!
More then 3.6 Billion Viewers!
More then 400,000 global customers!
He paid $200/- Million as Online Commission!
More then 50,000 people receive Cash from him!
No less then 15,000 attended His live Events!
His brand is  Best "Online Marketing Education Program"
 Empower Network is Leader in the Industry!
A jobless; homeless and penniless Alaskan!
Now, residing in Costa Rica  with two sons!
Since 2002; he failed for Seven Years!
He founded Empower on the 30th Oct. 2011!
He has produced more then 15 Leaders as Millionaire!
He invested more then $10 Millions in the Infra Structure!"
Our Online Tycoon Builder, Mr. Albert Sooquaimeng.
A well established; respectable and extreamly successful Corporate personality from Malaysia.
He left his multi billion dollars public listed company; even the Prime Minister's son was his Chairman.  He seem foolish enough to hide him self; quickly took up Online Entreprenuership.
He joined EMPOWER NETWORK as a newbies!
He was laughed by so many people as stupid fool!
His brother belittled him as he did not even know how to manage "Window"!
His wife threaten to leave home looking for jobs!
Countless time, "Divorce" was a theme song when purse ran low!
His eldest son even criticized him being "Conned" by Online scammers!
The only person never condemn him were his beloved lovely daughter and his second son.
For the last 1,370 days; in one deep breath he grinded without a stop for 25,000 hours of Learning; Doing; Teaching and Earning his Online Knowledge; Attitude; Skill-Set and Habit to be super Successful!
Proudly, in Asia Pacific even the world; not many people at age 59 can have 1,033 Blogs being syndicated; duplicated and replicated repeatedly million times across all major Social Media Platforms.
His Attraction Values Sharing and Caring magnetized billion audiences to his site!
People begin to "Know"; "Trust" ; and "Belief" in Him!
His 25,000 hours personalized written 1033 blogs shake the world.
Take a look at his "Blogs Gallery"!
To many, such volume of "Masterpieces" could only be done by a team of 10 to 15 workers!
The father of "Attraction Marketing" commented "Albert, What are you selling?"
"You will not succeed!" simply - Nobody knows what Niche are selling???"
Albert only prayer is: Asking GOD to make all people to "Like"; "Know"; "Trust"; "Believe" then "Buy" - his services and products - "Online Marketing Educational Program"
Sirs, do not just scan thru; but click and study every bit of gold and diamond mines.
Love from : Online Tycoon Builder:  Albert Sooquaimeng

As of 20th October, 2016:  This Historic Day - My beloved Sons witnessed their "Papa" being scammed big Time???
But my second son who is a "Games Entreprenuer" whose gut sensed otherwise: with all humility as a father of a remarkable son that proven to the world that EMPOWER NETWORK is real deal.

How does he knew???
Eight years ago, he was obsessively glued to Dota1 then Dota2 under tremendous stress and tension.  Despise of family, church and social opposition: he persisted and consistently perfecting his love and passion in Cybergaming Industry!

Due to such conflicts; my sons reacted violently; when he was being pulled out of "CyberCafe" after school hour!
The Games "Addiction" was frightening that almost his studies.

The "Truamatic" relationship crash within the family brought disharmony.
My boy brought me down to my knees; praying to GOD for Direction while witnessing him undergone "Electrical Current Treatment" for second times.

As a papa: I was devastated; broken and thrashed as if into Hell... especially the fear of my beloved boy's became a "Mental Victim" fit only living in Mental Asylums???

My tears wetted the floor of the psychiatric unit in University Hospital.  A thought came to my heart:  "RM1.8Billion or Son"???
Without hesitation... my prayer was - "Lord heal and bless my son"

Yes, I was in the midst of corporate restructuring a Public Listed Company: I completed the entire process successfully but I sticked to my "Covenant" with God... I walked away despite of the fact: my country Prime Minister's son would be my Chairman.

Today, I am thankful: how GOD saved my whole family from another big "Crisis" perhaps GOD enabled my son to have evaded me being trapped into possible entanglement in our country scandals.

During the last eight years; my son rested at home under medical observation: he screwed up public exams except playing "Cybergames" days and nites.

Personally, Privately and Spiritually... I rejected "CyberGames" as demonic and ungodly; but I love my son.
I have been working at home with Online Affiliate Education Marketing program as a possibility for my son.
He stayed focus on Dota-2; as he has gone thru basic Microsoft's Window Courses.

Both of us worked full three years separately; I was in 3rd floor and my son in 2nd floor.  We grinded long struggling hours into unknown; uncertainty and pockets almost dried..... the yell of quarrels; fights and life threatening moments did occurred at various occasions.

The trial almost had our water, electricity, wifi and grocery cut if without the mercy and grace of God. After 30,000 hours grinding 18 hours daily without "Income" but expenses only.

My beloved wife threaten to leave home for oversea bizness or jobs opportunity.  Harsh and angry words like going separately even option for "Divorce" were out cry of desperation.

She earned our foods and little budget by cooking for my brothers' family.  We live with minimum just two meals.
Our relationship turned hostile; when finance were down and low: furious words could flared like dried grass!
The hinge to our "Marriage" basically... held fast by our mutual love for our beloved daughter only at 13 years old doing well in schools.

One day, my sons complained that his account had been hacked: he lost a RM1,000/-; as our pockets were drier then "Sahara-Desert".  Our eldest son started working as Denture Laboratory Assistance with less then a RM1,000/- a month;

Immediately, we opened another account for him to facilitate his games entreprenuership in August, 2014.
Heaven began dripping down with vapours...RM10/- to RM50/- daily for months.  He went out for part time "Promotion" Assistance job for Christmas and then worked for five months at a Fashion Fixture retail as shop assistance for RM1,500/- a month.

With the little earning of RM5,000/- he boldly launch into "CyberGaming" as big league Games One Stop Shopper since August 2015.
He founded his own niche at CylonexGenex with very humble "Acer" old refurbished laptop.
Within 6 months...he made almost RM8,000/-;

"Money" had really opened up my "Eyes" but due to spiritual pride and arrogance being a successful father... God gently reflected upon my wrong being a prejudiced and biased parents.

Both we husband and wife had all these while put high hope in our eldest son being an excellent student.  He graduated as Denture Diploma Technician which was not his own first love but due to family obligation.
We had given him capital to be his own boss as Dental Laboratory Owner together with our handicap brother in law; he rather elected to be employed. He returned all the funds to us as family expenditure.

God has shown us; this had hurted our second son with middle son syndrome and hormonal imbalance deeply.
To restore the crack; I shifted down to second floor worked side by side with my son: joined my son playing Dota-2 with him.

God took away my misunderstanding and wrong perception about games.  God helped us to heal our father and son relationship.
As we work together; our mutual love for each other restored, especially We parents patched back our wrongs with honest and humble of confession our mistakes with our son. We bought him a brand new RM4,000/- Asus Rog Gaming basic Machine.

Within eight months, he 10X his bank account reserves. Both of my boys are easily jointly 6 figures revenue and reserves type of sons that we must be thankful and grateful to GOD!

They live a frugal, thrifty and industrious life style without wants but merely needs; zero vices but full of GODliness!

Yes, we are not a shame to admit; we may take weeks to renew our "Godaddy" hosting Account; even for $1/- to risk by upgrading to Elite level and Six Figures Commission opportunity might take us weeks to consider the credibility of the entire exercise.

We are not rushing into anybody fancies; but we listen very uniquely at GOD's silence whispers in the "Flow" is nothing less then moulding our fibric of characters and personality.

My beloved sons taught us how to be a better parents.

They are responsible and loving children.

They food all the load to keep our family blessed>>> That is Historical Moment!
Every Parent is glade to have such home... despite of being "Jobless; Homeless and Incomeless" for almost 60 months!